The page depicts on the discount strategy we proclaim on utilizing this site. It explains how we handle refunds. Our goal is to make our customers' lives easier and satisfy them completely.

• The term "refund" refers to the act of returning money taken from a customer by SoftNick India.
• The following scenarios might occur: - The client sent the wrong payment.
• On the off chance that you really want any discount for the item/administrations, kindly contact the us and Administrator group will contact and choose whether to support or reject the discount
• There will be no refund for any transaction or other fees that were added during the payment.
• The refund is contingent on the amount of time the bank takes to process the transaction after SoftNick India initiates it.
• SoftNick India will only accept refund requests sent from the registered email address of the user.
• Once refund is accepted we will initiate refund in 5 -6 business days and it will be crediting to your original source of payment withing 7-9 business days.